Conlang Poetry itota itiko

Conlang Poetry: Water, Clouds, Thunder

Greetings, littlesalmon here, and this time here are two poems in one of my conlangs.

First, some info about stress in itota itiko (the language I wrote these in), because it’s kinda important for their rhythmic structure. Usually, stress falls on the first syllable, but if the word is an adjective that ends with /o/ and starts with a vowel, or ends with /o/ and is originally an adjective (not derived from another part of speech), than stress falls on the last syllable.

The syllable structure is (C)V, where the only time a single vowel can appear as a syllable is at the start of a word.

There is some more info here, but it’s all in Russian and written without using any linguistic terminology whatsoever. Anyway, here are the poems, finally.

ilasi lato latama iko taja oli.
imali taja ti kata italo pa·
ilapa moni
pa taja alanika so ilomi pa.

This one is about clouds and probably rain, and how it feels to be alone in the middle of a soon-to-be storm.

ala talo. kati kata
nanomita ji ji ta ji·
ilomi vo pa taja.
ilapi laji taja kata.
ilaki kati miti taja lata
imali jisa so jisa so tasa so jisa.
alani pa taja itota ma.
miti taja ilapi alani pa
laji taja lata·
ilaki itota itota ma.

This one is about the color blue, and also how tthe human brain makes a lot of strong associations between only marginally related things. Oh, and also it has a loanword in it. Isn’t that cool?

Anyway, farewell, see you soon, and hope you liked those small pieces of art that I made in an evening.

By littlesalmon

Just an artsy math-y Steven Universe-y girl, nothing interesting here.
Omnidisciplinary nerd and science enthusiast (except history, that's boring);
water is a life philosophy (that I don't really follow).
And so on.

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