Music and Songs: Toki Pona Lullaby-adjacent Something

Greetings, littlesalmon here. And this is a little song I made in toki pona – the 120-word conlang I am learning currently. There is quite a lot of ambience in this, and I want to inform you that this is absolutely deliberate and in no way just my laziness. Anyway, farewell, see you soon, mi […]

Single Piece of Art: Amanchu!-inspired

Greetings, littlesalmon here, and there is this: I’ve recently watched the first season of the Amanchu! anime (a slice-of-life comedy about scuba diving), liked it, and felt inspired to make something. No points for guessing which character I took the most inspiration from (it was Pikari, if anyone’s interested). There’s nothing more here; move along. […]

Conlang Poetry: Water, Clouds, Thunder

Greetings, littlesalmon here, and this time here are two poems in one of my conlangs. First, some info about stress in itota itiko (the language I wrote these in), because it’s kinda important for their rhythmic structure. Usually, stress falls on the first syllable, but if the word is an adjective that ends with /o/ […]